Alexander Grzeskowiak
Alexander GrzeskowiakOrganisator
Hi! I’m Alex and I take care of the whole booking process and I’m here for all your unanswered questions.

I’m looking forward hearing from you!


Philipp Quellmalz
Philipp QuellmalzSurfcoach
As the surf coach on spot I would like to give you some information about me.

I was born in Germany and raised in the Ruhr Valley to be exact. Due to excess energy I did a lot of sports, f.e. I began snowboarding at the age of 4.
Hollands north sea coast beeing so close i got to start surfing there (Scheveningen/Den Haag) at the age of 16 along with friends.

I came back on a lot of weekends and spent countless summers with my van at the atlantic ocean to enjoy my freedom in the van inbetween times.

In 2005 I aquired a surf coach license (ISA approved) in morocco and after that i worked as a surf coach in France and Fuerteventura at Freshsurf.

One can say that I have spent a whole lot of time in the atlantic ocean and by now I would even consider myself addicted to it.
By the time my surfing skills improved more and more. While beeing on Fuerteventura multiple video analysis of my surfing were done and by avoiding mistakes I could see on tape I improved even more.

In between I somehow managed to get my A levels and studied social work after that.

With my graduation on board i travelled to the algarve and stayed there due to the wonderful bays and divine waves.

So here I am looking forward to meet you and preferably your van to seriously work on your surfing.

Hope to see you soon in the water!

You’ve got questions? Go ahead and ask!