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Every advanced Surfer who is familiar to Europe and it’s waves has probably heard of the Algarve and might as well enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Due to the fact that the Algarve is situated in the south corner of the iberian peninsular it combines two different coastal regions. One of those is the rough west coast with it’s rough cliffs and individual bays. The other one is located on the south coast with small, quaint bays and further east with long-drawn-out beaches with offshores winds.

The Algarve is know for beeing a „year-round-destination“. The best time for travelling though is from fall to spring when the atlantic ocean forms massive waves and the water temperature is around 16 degrees celcius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) and it’s still warm enough to go outside with short sleeves.

The south coast which is usually not considered by surfers throughout the summer comes to life in fall with it’s first big waves. You as a surfer will be satisfied because of the majority of offshore winds.

The west coast also has good waves in winter and also around summer time you won’t miss rideable waves but in july and august waves can be so small that a longboard might be necessary.

Due to heavy storms like „Hercules“ in January 2014 spots on the algarve have changed and so have the circumstances of finding those spots as well.

Those of you who come to the Algarve to do a lot of surfing won’t get around at least getting a rental car. At best you have your own car or van because especially in the early hours of the day or shortly before sunset the lineup will be least crowded. Whoever is right at the spot with his van will be able to react immediatley to good waves and get into the water right away.

To reach some spots a longer drive will be necessary and this case makes it nearly unavoidable to rent a car because if you stay at a fixed location (hotel, appartment) you won’t be as flexible.

You can rent a van at the guys of HANGLOOS CAMPERS.

Let me help you find your way through the algarve and improve your surfing.